Jukebox is an Android music player app built with Thunkable, a spin-off from AppInventor as a learning exercise to test the capabilities of these interesting systems for building Android apps without the need to learn Android Studio.

The app will play random songs from the Music folder of your device with the ability to share songs and keep track of your favorites and the ones you don't like. If you are interested in using some of the code, or expanding the functionality of Jukebox, check out the aia source code on github. If you find bugs or have suggestions, please let me know.

Jukebox is in beta testing. Try Jukebox for free by downloading the APK file and installing it on your Android device.

Download Jukebox.apk

If you wish to compare Thunkable with AppInventor, here is the Appinventor version of the app built from the same source code.

Download Jukebox.apk

QR Code

Tap the screen to pause. Tap again to play.

Swipe right to left to play a new random song.
Swipe left to right to go back to the songs you have already played.

When paused, tap the Favorites button to add a song to the Favorites List. Tap the Never Play Again button to add a song to the Dislike List. Songs on the Dislike List won't be played again.

Hold the touch to access the menu. Search for songs with certain words in the title (assuming the filenames are the titles). Share your Favorites and Dislike lists to your other devices or your friends.

Main Menu

Touch and hold anywhere on the screen for at least a half second to display the main menu.

As you type letters into the search box, the search results will appear in the box below. When you find the singer or song you are looking for, click on it and it will begin playing. In the current version, the search is performed on the complete filename, not the internally stored name of the song, so it will only find the song if the filename includes it. If your filenames or folders have other information, the search will also find them, for example, if your 1980s songs are stored in a folder called 1980s, a search for 1980s will display all the songs in the folder. Searching for music will find all the songs on your device.

Share allows you to send either the name of the song (filename) or the complete song file to a friend or another device. The sharing options depend on what other applications are installed on your device. If you have ES File Explorer or a similar app, you can save the song to somewhere on your device. If you have PushBullet, you can send it to another device or computer.

Sharing your favorite list will send or save a csv format file listing the songs in your favorite list. If you have the SocialGizmos SongMover Windows app, you can use this to move music to an SD card, USB stick or other device.

Sharing your dislike list will send or save a csv format file of the songs you don't want to hear any more. This can be used with the SocialGizmos SongMover Windows app to tailor lists of random music when creating a USB stick, SD card, or new phone music folder.

The About box reminds you of the touch and swipe commands, in case you have forgotten, and tells you more about the app.

If you find any bugs or want to suggest additional features, please contact the author using the feedback command, which will bring you back here.

Contact the Author

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the source aia file available?

Yes. You can download the aia file here and use or modify it under the license terms below.

Jukebox by SocialGizmos.com is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license and is a derivative of Pura Vida Apps Jukebox.